Traditional Rolfing 10 Session Series

The classic Rolfing series consists of 10 sessions, 90-minutes in duration. As a Certified Rolfer I generally customize a series of sessions to meet your particular needs.  I encourage you to try the initial three sessions as a way of determining whether the work meets your goals and expectations. A full traditional 10-series generally require 10 to 13 sessions.  You are welcome to try the initial session as well and it is not necessary to commit to a particular number of sessions.

Sports and Injury Specific Approaches

I work with both recreational and elite athletes looking for a competitive advantage in their next event, reduce their injury recovery times, and alleviate the wear and tear of consistent training. This approach varies; from individual sessions (spot treatments) to long-term healing programs that may span a competitive season. Many clients use Rolfing to manage acute and chronic sensations associated with past injuries and greatly reduce the likelihood of new ones. Others find relief from "legacy injuries" like chronic plantar fasciitis, knee pain, and pelvic/low back discomfort that have kept them from participating in their sport. These approaches may not require the completion of a full 10-series of sessions, but are tailored to each individual clients needs. We can look at your race calendar and make a plan to suit your training schedule.

Movement Education

One of the best ways to avoid injury and alleviate chronic pain is by learning to move more efficiently in our day-to-day lives. What does this catchy proposal mean? If your low back "goes out" picking up a pen or your neck hurts all day after staring at a computer at work, chances are you could use some movement and postural education. Decreasing the consistent stressors of everyday movement means less pain and more energy for doing the things you enjoy in life. Learn to pick up your grandkids safely and with greater ease, enjoy standing at concerts or festivals without hip or low back pain, and even get back into exercising with less resistance. Imagine returning to the gym without nagging back or knee pain. Some of the highest yield work we can achieve is learning how to move through our daily lives with a greater efficiency and accomplish our to-do list without causing further pain or resurfacing old injuries. Movement Education can help.


What makes Rolfing Different?

Rolfing's holistic, client-led approach to healing and recovery makes it a more assertive, action-oriented form of manual therapy. Instead of relying solely on "soothing" the body as a means of reducing pain, Rolfing works to alleviate the root cause of painful symptoms via structural and neurological changes. Clients often report an increased adaptive emotional and physical capacity, feelings of greater alignment and ease in their body, and decreasing painful sensations following Rolf sessions, as well as the usual relaxing and restorative feelings that accompany bodywork. Most important, Rolfing is a holistic and transformational partnership between client and practitioner with the intention of alleviating structural and movement issues that cause chronic pain and discomfort throughout the body. Clients regain a feeling of empowerment and connection with their body that allows them to be self-reliant and independent.